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Doula Services

Providing an empowering birthing experiences through prenatal and postnatal visits which include childbirth education, informational as well as emotional support before and after birthing.  Also, one-on-one yoga classes with or without partner for preparation for birthing and bonding classes with caregiver and baby.

Prenatal Doula Service includes;

  • 1 two hour initial childbirth education 

  • 3 one hour prenatal yoga classes with birth preparation education 

  • 1 three hour home visit after birth 

  • Unlimited contact from initial meeting until after first home visit (email/text) 

Package Price - $550

Postnatal Doula Service includes;

  • 3 three hour visits in home to assist with adjusting to home life with baby

  • 3 one hour yoga classes for caregiver and baby

  • Unlimited contact from first visit home until last home visit (email/text) 

Package Price - $750

Customize Your Package;

  • Combine both Prenatal and Postpartum Doula Service - $1200

  • 3 hour Child Birth Education Visit with 1 hour follow-up call - $250 

  • Individual Yoga Classes (Prenatal or Postpartum) - $50 a class 

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