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Aligning Mind, Body & Spirit

Everything, including people, are about vibrations and balance.  Our bodies and all matter exist at different rates of vibrations and have their own frequencies.  This is why sound and vibrations play an important role in your life by affecting physical, mental and spiritual levels of your being.

Sound Therapy with Reflexology

Reflexology stimulates the body into healing itself by improving circulation, reducing stress and pain while restoring balance to the body.  The hands, the feet and the face contain nerves that correlate with every organ, muscle and tissue in the body so applying pressure to the hands, feet and face have many health benefits.

Facial reflexology has all the benefits of reflexology with all aspects of improving inner health including helping with flushing toxins (clearing terminus), improving concentration and working with headaches at the source but also with outer appearance by toning skin, helping the skins natural glow and reducing wrinkles.


Sound Therapy uses vibrations and frequencies to balance the body and relax the nervous system.  There are many benefits including lowering stress, improving moods, pain management and sleep improvement just to name a few.


Combining the 2 (reflexology of the hands or feet with sound therapy) allows for great release of tension, greater health of the nervous system and allows the body to relax more deeply.

Reiki (Energy Healing)

Reiki or energy healing is a non-invasive technique that can be hands on, hands off or can even be done from a distance.  It helps balance the chakras by releasing congested energy and enabling a good energy flow while assisting the body’s natural healing processes.  Energy healing relaxes the mind and body helping decrease stress, anxiety, depression, sleep issues and empowers overall wellbeing.  It can relieve pain, discomfort and strengthen the immune system releasing toxins and soothing the digestive system.   It clears blockages as well as suppressed emotions and aids in relaxation.

Yoga (Hatha Flow, Restorative and Fascial Release)

Yoga is the uniting of individual spirit with universal spirit.  Yoga is about a mind and body awareness and going inward to find yourself.  There are many benefits to yoga including but not limited to balancing, circulatory health, improved energy, flexibility, muscle strength and tone as well as protection from injury. 

Restorative yoga is all about slowing down and opening up.  Allowing gravity to help you release in each pose while using props to support you and let go.

Fascial Release techniques either hands on and/or through yoga movements can drastically improve health as the fascia tissue under the skin is connected to everything in the body; it surrounds every muscle, gland, nerve, blood vessel and organ.  Our fascia holds all physical, mental and emotional trauma in the tissue.  As it is strained, we get restrictions in our bodies and physical ailments start to present.  Working with the fascia and its strain patterns can have endless benefits.  

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